Project Management

Rebekah is currently available to hire as a project manager. 


Specialising in coordinating performance-based events, Rebekah can ensure that all your creative projects fulfill their potential. From directing and devising original performances to developing your creative ideas into an impressive final result, Rebekah's expertise will transform your project into an amazing and inspiring experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.


Rebekah's client-specific approach is designed to captivate and creatively inspire existing groups to try something new and experience the excitement and fulfilment of performance. And with her professional and organised event management, clients can relax knowing that all the important details are being taken care of to create a memorable and problem-free creative event.

Rebekah specialises in using her unique blend of puppetry and physical theatre to capitivate audiences and performers both young and old, and can bring these skills to your creative projects or work with you to create something from scratch.


With diverse and extensive experience Rebekah can adapt her skills and techniques to suit any project or event. Previous projects include large scale puppet performance, devising and performing original works and coordinating performance based events.


You can contact Rebekah to discuss her work or any future projects 

by following this link- Contact