Puppetry & Performance

Odd Doll Theatre of Puppetry

Rebekah is puppeteer, maker and devisor with Odd Doll Theatre of Puppetry. 

“Utterly mesmerising.” The List


The Worried Walrus -2013


"An important voice in puppetry." Total Theatre

The Trick - 2012

Afraid of your own shadow? You should be.
Driven by a desire to create something original, one man releases control of his own shadow in the hope that it will discover the kind of beauty that he can only dream of.
Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Shadow', this puppetry show for adults has been created by Total
Theatre Award winning directors and  Emerge Leeds company in residence.
This wordless contemporary fairy tale is played to a live original music score. Featuring angry pegs, dancing scissors, magic taps and flying creatures. The Trick is playful, bizarre, beautiful and tragic.
“Their interaction and understanding of movement is seamless.” No Gloss Magazine

Lois: Puppet Socialite Extraordinaire
The socialite to be seen at any event.
This bright green full body puppet will engage attendees with dynamic banter, charm and wit whilst on walk about and perform her own unique lip sync routine upon request.


Currently available festivals, walk about and street performance.


Shadow Puppetry

Music video Standard Response - Tiger Shadow.