Born in Norfolk, Rebekah grew up on a farm with her family, two cows, various sheep and many chickens.

She would regularly attend the theatre, often to see Eastern Angles Theatre Company. She believes their simple low-tech techniques of telling humanistic stories still influences her work today.

In 2005, Rebekah migrated North to Yorkshire to study acting at degree level. The course focused on devising and writing and substantiated her passion for creating original work.

After graduating she co-founded Chotto Ookii Theatre Company. With them she devised and performed in two productions, both of which toured nationally. In 2006, they were awarded The Total Theatre Best Newcomers Award at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Shortly after this Rebekah focussed her training and practice on puppet making and manipulation, developing a unique visual style and passion for the art form.

In the Summer of 2015, Rebekah completed her Masters in Creative Practice. Since studying she has taken the role of associate lecturer in puppetry and related arts at Leeds College of Art. As part of her academic research she studies the synergy of manipulation and sound and puppetry as an interdisciplinary art form.

Today she lives between Leeds and Aarhus, and works as a puppet maker, devisor and performer with Odd Doll Theatre of Puppetry, as well as devising and creating solo performances.

She frequently participates in cross-disciplinary collaboration including working with COSmino Theatre, Berlin, The Forman Brother, Prague, Carte Blanche, Viborg and Teater Refleksion, Aarhus.

Rebekah also regularly combines her skills in theatre and puppetry delivering education projects. Working with Phoenix Dance Theatre, Northern Ballet, Opera North, Leeds Refugee Forum and HRM Armley. 



April 2017-Nov2017     Seaside Terror        Puppeteer/maker        Odd Doll Puppetry

Nov 2017               Hunger                Puppeteer/performer    Teater Refleksion

June 2017              Alien Ombord!         Puppeteer/maker        Aarhus 2017

March 2017             I Nattens Lys         Design assistant       Teater Refleksion

Jan 2017               Senses of Cities      Puppet Maker           Hvid Støj 

Dec 2016               Gerdas Rejse          Design assistant       Teater Refleksion

March 2016             Marionette            Puppeteer/maker        Beyond Illusion Films          

Feb 2016               The Lighthouse        Shadow artist          Carte Blanche

Jan 2016               Shaking Hands with    Puppeteer/performer    Teater Reflection


Nov 2015                Aladdin              Puppeteers assistant   The Foreman Brothers

Nov 2015                Et Poetisk           Puppeteer              The Foreman Brothers

                        Måneskinsmøde                                                            May 2015- Oct 2015      Red Rust             Puppeteer/maker         Odd Doll Puppetry

July 2015               HAG                  Puppeteer/maker         Rebekah Caputo/Aled Jones

Dec 2014                Roseville            Shadow artist           A Quiet Word

Oct 2014                The Attic            Storyteller             Phoenix Dance Theatre

Oct 2014                Specimen 17C         Shadow artist           Theatre Deli

May 2014                The Mango Tree       Puppeteer               Musical ARC

March 2014              365 Leeds Stories    Shadow artist           A Quiet Word

Oct 2013                Search for Luna Moon Storyteller             Phoenix Dance Theatre

May 2013-Oct 2016       The Worried Walrus   Puppeteer/maker         Odd Doll Puppetry

May 2012-Oct 2013       Lois                 Puppeteer/maker         Rebekah Caputo

Oct 2012                The New Mother       Shadow artist           Rebekah Caputo

Oct 2011-March 2012     The Trick            Puppeteer               Odd Doll Puppetry

May 2011                Fairfield Castle     Storyteller             Creative Partnerships

Dec 2011-July 2013      The World on a StringPuppeteer               Musical ARC

July 2011               The Garden           Puppeteer/performer     Rebekah Caputo

Sept 2008-Dec 2008      Thus Far             Performer               Chotto Okki Theatre Company

June 2006-Mar2007       And Even My Goldfish Performer               Chotto Okki Theatre Company